viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

DAY 1 . 
Daily Report: Noveno A
NATURALES: Hoy contextualizamos el dominio eucariota.
·         RONALD NIÑO: Contextualization Unit 6, Much/many, a lot of, a few, a little, Cambridge book, Dictionary and reading comprehension activity.
·         OLFA MABROUK: Definite and indefinite articles: lesson review + exercises. Test to be expected next week (Articles and Quantifiers). HOMEWORK: (1) Watch the following video and write a short paragraph to say what it is about. (2) Exercise 1 page 48 in Objective PET Student Book. (3) Exercises 1 to 3 page 14 in Objective PET Workbook.
·         CHRISTIAN MALDONADO: We worked on a listening exercise and revise the homework corresponding to unit 5 of the student’s book. HOMEWORK: To hand out the listening exercise answers and the writing exercise about the joke of a roman soldier. The listening exercise contents are going to be uploaded at during weekend.
·         ALEXANDER MÁRQUEZ: Today we worked on the planning of the 2nd Bimester project.  A workshop for the next class was handed out.
·         JAIME: Today we worked on comparative and superlative, the students created a paragraph using these elements, also taking into account pronominalization in the text to achieve coherence.
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